DeMarini J2 Fly Swatter
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DeMarini J2 Fly Swatter DXNT2

The J2: Fly Swatter features a slight end-loaded weight distribution for maximum bat control and performance at the plate. A 12 inch Pitch Black Stacked Barrel utilizes the tightest weave tolerance & the thinnest walls, to give players that traditional DeMarini feel with enhanced power & durability while the Pitch Black Composite Handle provides the tightest and strongest composite in a thinner diameter to provide a more end-loaded feel.

Pitch Black Composite Stacked Barrel - Maximizes sweet spot with the strongest and thinnest walls of tightest composite weave
Pitch Black Composite Handle - Smaller diameter handle for easy grip and more end loaded feel
C6 - Exclusive composite material constructed with biggest weave for optimum flex
N2M End Cap - Scientifically tuned to absorb vibration while maximizing power
Rotation Index - The DeMarini Rotation Index helps players significantly prolong the life of DeMarini bats with a numerical index on the handle and barrel reminding player to incrementally rotate the bat after each hit
SC4 - A DeMarini exclusive alloy that is 12% stronger allowing a bigger sweet spot
• Positack Grip - With thin feel
• 2 1/4" Barrel
• Approved by all Governing Bodies Including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF

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