Combat Anti Virus (Fully Loaded)
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The Uncatchable!

Yes, this is a 98 mph stick. Similar to the Virus, we have shortened the barrel to move the sweetspot out toward the end of the bat. By shortening the barrel to 11”, the swing speed at our sweetspot is 5% faster, resulting in 15’ greater hit distance @ 300’. Utilizing our proprietary Anistropic Composite technology to maximize barrel trampoline effect, with an ultra soft feel and our proprietary Hot Out of the Wrapper technology, Combat has created a bat which feels and performs beyond all expectations for a 98mph bat.

Kill the competition.
The cure for the common game.

• The Combat Anti Virus is Hot Out of the Wrapper!
• Ultra Soft Feel
• Shorter Barrel for Greater Distance
• Meets all current bat standards and is approved by all major associations including, but not limited to, ASA, USSSA, ISF and NSA
• 1 Year Warranty

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